The Composting Association had re-branded its name to the Association for Organics Recycling.

The Composting Association is a trade association representing the organics sector throughout England and devolved administrations. The Association for Organics Recycling states that its name change was triggered by the response to, and evolution of, the changing nature of waste management and reinforces our role as the leading UK organisation in raising awareness of the benefits of recycling biodegradable resources. The biowaste industry is undergoing significant expansion and development, using a diverse range of technologies for the treatment of biowastes. The Association for Organics Recycling recognises that its change of name will better reflect the organisation’s values, membership activity and portray more accurately the activities of its core membership. This should engage a wider range of stakeholders within the industry.

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Quality Protocol for Digestates & PAS 110
Wednesday, 19 March 2008

As part of the Waste Protocols Project, the Environment Agency and WRAP aim to release, by the end of March,
a consultation draft of the ‘Quality Protocol for the Production and Use of Quality Outputs from Anaerobic Digestion
of Source-Segregated Biodegradable Waste’.

The British Standards Institution’s draft Publicly Available Specification 110 has been released this week for review.

Local authorities working together on waste: consultation published
Monday, 17 March 2008
greenleaf_shadow Neighbouring local authorities, working together, could deliver better integrated and cost-effective waste clearance services,
a consultation paper published today outlines.
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Organic Body Launches Compostable Bags
Friday, 14 March 2008
greenleaf_shadow A leading UK organic body has launched its own compostable alternative to plastic carrier bags.
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Open University Household Waste Arisings Study
Friday, 14 March 2008
greenleaf_shadow Defra have published a study into household waste arisings in England
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PAS 100 Certification
CAC_for_standards_page.gifClick the logo for lists of composters that are PAS 100 certified and others progressing towards initial certification.